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I'm normally plugged in to my headphones whilst I am doing creative work, which means I'm listening to podcasts, music or if I've really gone down a hole - and I'm being serious here - farmyard playlists on Spotify. 

Sewn and Sown playlist is the playlist I pulled together as a part of Minimalist Machinist's amazing Makers Sounds project. You can listen to it here, but I highly recommend checking out some other makers/sewists/pattern designers playlists too. Their interviews are available on the link above.

If you too are a big listener, and like me it helps you to focus, then take a look at some of my favourites! I'll add to it as I come across more compilations, playlists and podcasts.

Youtube compilations

To chill out to
To bop to
To block everything out and focus to


To laugh to 
To listen and to learn
To listen and to laugh
To listen and to get into the sewing community
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