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Sustainability - and why it matters 

We're in the throws of a climate crisis, and ecological breakdown. Whilst I am cautious to put the onus on individuals, we have a big role to play in the reduction of consumptive patterns. As well as fighting the fossil fuels companies of course...

Eco-anxiety is an aggressive foe, climate scientists have been fighting this nameless beast for decades. But with the increased awareness and understanding of climate change, so comes the fear. It's like a bad hangover, cloying and endless, like walking through treacle.

The good news is, one of the best cures for climate anxiety - something I know all too well - is the very thing that our climate needs too - action. Working in climate change policy means that for 37.5 hours a week I am reading and engaging with the bad news which takes its toll. I also get to see the good bits, and i'm a veritable feast of ways to be more ecologically conscious!

I have developed my own remedy to climate anxiety, something unique to me and my skills and sewing is a big part of that. 

Scroll through this page to get your grubby fingertips on useful resources, top tips to have better consumptive patterns and learn what I do in my own life to hold it together.

Clothing and Fashion

Food and Growing

Energy and Home

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